Submit your research posters for TAMU DNA Day 2018!

This is the same group that several awesome GGSA members are already helping out with DNA Day projects. This is a great outreach opportunity to share your science with the general public!

Each year the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) hosts DNA Day on April 25 to celebrate the anniversary of the day the Human Genome Project was completed in 2003, the discovery of the double helix in 1953, and everything we’ve learned about genetics since!

This year Texas A&M will be celebrating DNA Day on April 24 from 4-5:30 pm by holding several events on campus. One of these events will be a research poster session to highlight research being done by faculty and students at A&M focused on DNA/genetics/family health history/genealogy. These posters can be from any department on campus! If you have research in this area and would like to submit a poster for presentation please email a brief abstract to Emily Rauscher at by March 20.

We hope this will be a great opportunity to bring scholars from across the university together to celebrate all things DNA!

2018 Genetics Recruitment Symposium

20 Feb

February 2nd, 2018 the Genetics Program hosted 11 potential students at the Genetics Recruitment Symposium.

Many GGSA members participated in both poster presentations and oral platforms displaying the wide range of fields and projects the Genetics Program covers.

And the winners are:

Oral Platforms/Flash Talks
1st Place: Jessica Elswood ($500; left) – Powering Lactation: Where Mitophagy and Mitochondrial Dynamics Meet
2nd Place & People’s Choice Award: Samantha Iiams ($300 & $100; right) – RNA-seq in Seasonal Forms of Monarch Butterfly Reveals a Possible Role of the Vitamin A Pathway in Regulating Insect Photoperiodic Responses
3rd Place tie: Caitlin Curry ($100 each; center) – A Century of Conservation Genetics of African Lions (Panthera leo)
3rd Place tie: Carolina Mantilla-Rojas ($100 each; not pictured) – Progression of colorectal cancer through epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR)-independent mechanisms


Poster Presentations
1st Place: Heather Eggleston ($300; not pictured) – Identifying Heme Importers and Exporters through RNA Seq Analysis in Aedes aegypti
2nd Place: Rebecca Booth ($200; center) – How HOX Proteins Regulate DNA Binding
3rd Place: Diana Medina ($150; right) – Small Regulatory RNA (sRNA) in Borrelia burgdorferi is Required for Optimal Infectivity 
People Choice Award: Alexandra Trott ($100; left) – Molecular Characterization of the Effects of Shift Work and Food Consumption on Metabolic and Cardiovascular Functions in the Rat

Teaching Awards were also given out to two outstanding teaching assistants who taught the Genetics Laboratory course Fall 2017. Casy Pflug (right) won the Student’s Choice Teaching Award ($500) and the Award for Teaching Excellence ($500) went to Collin Osborne (left) for his exceptional work with his students. These two went above and beyond in teaching the Genetics course.

A special THANK YOU to Scott Pearson for running the poster and flash talk competition and Joseph Dubie for being our fearless leader during Recruitment.