GGSA Leadership

2017-2018 Officers & Committees

Listed below are our officers and the students sitting as student representatives on Genetics Program committees. These students better ensure our voice is heard throughout the program.

Our fearless leaders…

President:Jessical Elswood

2016-2017 Officers: [Top] Sam Peeler-Fletcher, David Forgacs, [Center] Adam Salazar, Meghan Kinder, Carolina Mantilla-Rojas [Bottom] Alex Trott, Jessica Elswood [Not pictured] Allyssa Miller

Vice President:Scott Pearson
Secretary:Kristin Scoggin
Treasurer:Joseph Modarelli
Recruitment:Joseph Dubie
GPSC Representatives:Allyssa Miller (not pictured), Kelsi West, Kevin Bredermeyer
Website Committee:Jennifer Jung, Caitlin Curry (Chair), Ben Greenwell
Awards Committee:Joseph Modarelli
Advisory & Curriculum Committee:Joshua Meehan
Seminar Committee:Luis De Santiago (Chair), Collin Osborne
Reception Committee:Sarah O'leary (Chair), Kevin Bredermeyer
Recruiting Committee:Joseph Dubie (Chair, not pictured), Timothy Sveeggen, Diana Medina, Kathryn Pflug, Matt Jevit