GGSA Leadership

2019-2020 Officers & Committees

Listed below are our officers and the students sitting as student representatives on Genetics Program committees. 

Our Fearless Leaders…

President:  Ben Greenwell   
Vice President: Joseph Dubie
Secretary: Lily Sanchez
Treasurer: Jonathan Leach
Recruitment: Timothy Sveeggen
Membership: Kelsi West
GPSC Representatives: Sarah O’Leary, Brittni Ming-Whitfield, Michelle Jonika
Website Committee:

Casey Pflug (Chair)
Awards Committee: Jonathan Leach (Chair)
Advisory & Curriculum Committee: Kevin Bredemeyer (Chair)
Seminar Committee:   Lily Sanchez (Chair)
Reception Committee: Sam Iiams (Co-Chair), Brittni Ming-Whitfield (Co-Chair)
Recruiting Committee:Timothy Sveeggen (Chair)
Social Committee: Joshua Meehan (Chair)